Vanquish from the creator Shinji Mikami

16 SEP 2013 When confronting extremists, always wear your best suit.

Vanquish from the creator Shinji Mikami

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Monday, Sep. 16, 2013



The latest third-person shooter from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Vanquish, the fourth title from the talented developers at Platinum Games, is an incredibly fast-paced title. It takes place on an orbital space station called Providence, which has been taken over by a Russian extremist group known as the Order of the Russian Star.

Vanquish was released on October 2010 but if you didn't play it, don't miss out on it. The story of Vanquish is set in the near future. Russia and the United States are vying for ownership of the world's fast-depleting energy resources and the US has constructed a space station in order to harness energy from the sun.

Russian forces capture this space station and divert its harvested solar energy into a blast wave that destroys San Francisco, aiming to force the US into a total and unconditional surrender. In response, the US tasks its armed forces with recapturing the space station before the Russians can annihilate their next target – New York.

Players take the role of Sam, a government agent who must stop the threat before it is too late. Armed with a special suit and a plethora of weapons, Sam also has an array of martial arts skills that he can use to take down his robot enemies. Pure entertainment: that's Vanquish in a nutshell. A speedy and thrilling third-person cover-based shooter is all madness, overwhelming you with gigantic robots, flurries of gunfire, and explosions so powerful and colorful that you might think you feel the heat.

Boss battles are a major highlight of the experience.

Vanquish is a stylish, spectacular looking game with great gunplay and some stunning set pieces. Vanquish isn't a rebirth of any existing action franchise, but it is a younger version of a game like Contra would be like ... in the future. The work of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and Platinum Games (Bayonetta), it brings the classic, run-and-gun feel of games like Konami's classic into the HD era with action that will have you on the edge of your seat from explosive start to thunderous finish.

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