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31 AUG 2013 The Class Observation Begins!
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High School DxD NEW Rocks Hard Anime

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Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013



In the latest High School DxD NEW, the harem king showcases his ero-art skills and endures an embarrassing family get-together – although as usual it is probably the inability of the female cast to keep their clothes on which will be attracting most attention.

Are you glad you met me? – I can’t speak for everyone, but I sure as hell am! True to its repute as the very apotheosis of ecchi, there has never been a lack of gorgeous, extraordinarily attractive females in High School DxD. Every one of us surely has our own preference, but let’s face it – nobody in the right mind would be able to resist Rias sempai’s charm and she is truly the embodiment of an ideal divinity, a goddess that is so flawless, yet not entirely out-of-our-reach! Her striking appearance is, without question, a clear standout, but that’s not all there is to Rias – the president of the Occult Kenkyuu-bu has so much more to offer and not least of which is the unswerving benevolence that she exemplifies.

As a matter of fact, I am struck by just how down- to-earth she seems and her ingratiating presence, while seemingly picture perfect on the surface, is perhaps just as human as any of us – Rias cries when she needs to, she feels remorse when her strength fails her and she’s certainly not above the pettiness of a jaundiced eye. Rias always has the best interest of her peerage in mind, but the fact that she sees Issei as more than a mere pawn is also beyond doubt – actions speak louder than words, Rias is clearly head over heels in love with him and my heart literally skipped a beat when she sealed the bargain with an affectionate kiss!

Her supreme fortitude can easily pass off as one of the toughest warriors, but Rias is indisputably still a woman at heart – inherently complex, somewhat spoiled, but never fails to be endearing! Issei is fully cognizant of all that and the aspiring Harem King is, no doubt, deeply captivated by his beloved buchou. Almost every time, I get the chills when the show teases us with the cute little twinkling that those two share – and just this week, Rias, in her moment of vulnerability, quietly reached out to Issei’s hand with her very own. High School DxD has the entire shooting match going for it, but it’s the seemingly trivial minutiae that makes the series so special – its character drama and the elements of romcom that ensue are, no doubt, one of the most exquisite, if not the very best!

Clearly, Rias and Issei are made for each other – but that doesn’t mean the rest of the girls can’t put up a good challenge and we all know, for sure, the pervert in Issei would never say no to the beautiful ladies, well-clad, kinkily dressed or buck naked! Akeno sempai is, without doubt, a force to be reckoned with – both a class-S looker and a self-proclaimed sadomasochist, the Ikazuchi no Miko has quite a hearty dose of nymphet going for her.

Akeno is well-versed in the fine art of seduction and she would unquestionably make one hell of a mistress – not to mention a very sly and sneaky one! No matter when or where they are, Akeno almost never missed a chance to play up her promiscuous ways, even when Rias is right under her nose. In fact, I have a feeling she gets a kick out of driving Rias up the wall and such a characterization fits snugly into her peerless sadism. The queen of Rias’ peerage, for certain, is a constant tease – but Akeno has also admitted overtly that she cares about Issei a whole lot.

Issei’s ever-expanding harem will always have a spot for her, but I don’t think our Sekiryuutei will come to see Akeno as anything more than an enchantress and a sex symbol. Despite his overwhelming libido, Issei’s heart only truly belongs to one girl and that person is none other than Rias – this is something that I feel very strongly about and I sure hope Issei doesn’t prove me wrong, not now and not ever! Then there’s Xenovia, the oh-so-baka Xenoviachii, who is quickly emerging as a shoo-in for the big-laughs.

Her unique brand of baka shares certain similarities to Asia’s dewy-eyed naiveté – after all, they were both raised in the same secluded environment and it’s only normal that they lack the conventional know-how of an everyday man! But make no mistake about it – Xenovia is no dovelike-nun, and the newly-minted knight packs a great deal of oomph in just about everything she says and does. “Let’s first make use of these and practice” – while proudly brandishing an assortment of condoms, Xenovia orated all of that with a straight face and in front of the entire class, no less! The former Church minion is saucy tomboy through and through – her outright veracity and candidness can push the wrong buttons at times, but they sure as hell do make for some of the darnedest side-splits and that, in and of itself, has made me one of Xenovia’s biggest fans!

Xenovia is not the only one who has the crack-up jokes in hand – she has a legitimate contender this week and nothing, not even Xenovia’s tomfoolery, can come close what Serafall Leviatan has in store for us! Standing tall as one of the Four Great Satans, Serafall or better known as Levia tan is quite a handful to say the least. Both a siscon and a mahou shoujo fanatic, Serafall took the big stage by storm – from the way she speaks, her childlike demeanor, right down to her cutesy pink get-up – everything about the Maou Shoujo is bound to raise the devil with her all-too-serious younger sister!

Souna and Serafall are nothing alike, icy and composed on one end, zesty and frivolous on the other – whether it’s their character disposition or the disparity of their bust size, the stark contrast between those two is nothing short of staggering. Serafall has surely made her mark – but she’s hardly the only one who struck an impression this week! Vali, the host of the Vanishing Dragon, continues to be one of the most fascinating elements in the mix – he’s pretty much still a closed-book, but there are bits and pieces of his persona that are slowly raveling out, starting with the blatant jeer and brickbat that he slammed in Issei’s face. The course has been set for Issei and it doesn’t look like he has much of a say in this imminent confrontation – Issei’s fate is, to a great extent, tied to the long history that surrounds the Two Heavenly Dragons, and Vali is clearly the yin to his yang, a rival and a nemesis that he can in no way shuffle off! A showdown between the Nitenryuu is bound to happen sooner or later – but before we can get to the ultimate clash, there’s a new mystery at hand that needs to be addressed first.

As it turns out, Rias has a second Bishop – a mysterious being, whose flair and ability are supposedly fraught with hazard, so much so that even the likes of Rias, a High-class Devil, couldn’t cope! Gasper, the friendly towhead, is most probably the new character in question, and if the teasers and its new OP are any indicator, there’s definitely more to all of this than meets the eyes – a slew of secrets, shockers and dramatics that await us in the killer second half!

“The Class Observation Begins!”

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